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Emoke Lorincz's desire to create does not focus on a single medium, her experience and curiosity in IT environment, her desire to connect the past with the present manifested in joint projects with the Hungarian Museum of Ethnography.

MotifCreator application

With almost 10 years of experimenting and preparatory work with Zsuzsanna Tasnádi curator (Hungarian Museum of Ethnography), first, the database of vectorized decoration of 1,300 selected objects of the collection was created. Then, based on this database, Emőke as the creator, project owner and the leader of the project team with a the mathematicians and programmers of MOON42, they created MotifCreator application which is also a touchscreen installation and web application.
The project won the golden prize at Pixel Perfect Awards in 2023  (Museum of Ethnography and MOON42 Ltd.)
It is presented in the Hungarian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023 next to the winning entry, REZIDOOM – The Frequency of Architecture.

Check the online version:

MotifCreator 1001

About the application
The motifs can be easily filtered by tags or location. It is possible to view a photograph of the carrier object, its details, data, including its place of origin. The application gives access to the user to create freely and creatively immersed in a treasure trove of motifs.
995 008 996 000+
The number of variations that can be created with motif generators is endless, so no two visitors will ever create the same work. The goal was to contribute to the integration of the motif treasure into a system and thus to their accessibility as public treasure.

#nostalgia #daguerreotype #dollface #play #grotesk #mask #memories #circus #monkeys

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Why is it unique?

Marianna Berényi (Head of Communication Department at the Museum of Ethnography) thoughts on the MotifCreator app:
– is the result of decades of classic museum research
– is based on a museum collection
– induces IT developments
– inspires creative industries and designers
– wins a prize in a competition not specifically for the cultural sector
– leaves its own micro-environment (in this case the Museum of Ethnography) and can assert itself in a relevant way in a completely different environment (architecture biennale)
– elevates classic ethnographic knowledge into a contemporary artistic medium.

Emőke Lőrincz – Pixel Perfect Awards, Golden prizeMotifCreator compositions

Other vector experiments

Vector art related exhibitions and awards

2023 18th International Biennale of Architecture – La Biennale di Venezia, Hungarian Pavilion, Giardini della Biennale, Venezia, Italy w/Museum of Ethnography, MOON42, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Modern Art, Napur Architect – MotifCreator which is a side project of the winner, Reziduum – The Frequency of Architecture
2023 Pixel Perfect Awards – Golden Prize w/Museum of Ethnography and MOON42
2022 Interactive installation launch – Night of Museums at the Hungarian Ethnography Museum w/MOON42
2016 "Hommage á Malonyai Dezső", Danube Palace, Budapest – Group exhibition
2015 Interactive installation at the Hungarian Ethnography Museum w/MOON42
2010 Dr. Hepp Ferenc Elementary School, Békés – Building-painting Competition, 1st prize w/Adrien Szmola

Other selected vector artworks and projects

Ethnovector experiment – 2021
Sandblasted round windows – 2017
Touchscreen installation – 2015
X-ray images of vector animals – 2015
Dashed lines – 2015