Emőke Lőrincz is an Hungarian visual artist, born in Havana, Cuba, living in Budapest, Hungary. She works as an art director (she has a Visual Communication and Graphic Design master's degree) – and she also paints.

The desire of creating does not focus on a single medium, her experience in online design and curiosity in IT environment, her desire to connect the past with the present and this manifested in vector based artwork experiments and applications.
She incorporates her experience in digital design into her painting, while also taking part in creating interactive museum installations.

She is also a figurative painter, her master was Csaba Kis Róka.
Her paintings are a mixture of meaningful nostalgia and she researches the secondary meaning of movement and gestures. She is inspired by her memories and that of others – and from old family photos and other pictures found on the internet. Delicate, uncertain and fluctuant movements and characters gave her inspiration. Does an uncertain movement or face expression have an independent meaning? Could a motion be languorous? Can a frozen moment tell a story?

Although she mostly paints from photos, she just uses them as reference material. As she paints alla prima, her painting is instinctive and spontaneous. Because the details are not pre-invented, the final result develops on the canvas, the picture evolves organically. She works with hard brushes not to be lost in fine details and she also uses her hands or other sharp tools to make spontaneous effects.

Emőke Lőrincz is a member of MAMŰ Society.

#nostalgia #daguerreotype #dollface #play #grotesk #mask #memories #circus #monkeys

Exhibitions, awards

2023 18th Biennale of Architecture – La Biennale di Venezia, Hungarian Pavilion, Giardini della Biennale, Venezia, Italy w/Museum of Ethnography, MOON42, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Modern Art, Napur Architect – MotifCreator which is a side project of the winner, Reziduum – The Frequency of Architecture
2023 Pixel Perfect Awards – Golden Prize w/Museum of Ethnography and MOON42
2023 4toFace – Gallery Próféta, Budapest – Group exhibition
2022 Repositio – Dual Art Gallery/Ars Longa Project – Solo exhibition
2022 Interactive installation for the Hungarian Ethnography Museum w/MOON42
2021 Exhibition at Hungarian National Circus, Budapest, Hungary – Group exhibition
2021 Kertész Másként at MANK Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary – Group exhibition
2021 '100' at Gallery Corvin, Budapest, Hungary – Exhibition with Gábor Győrfi
2021 Circus Flow, Visegrád, Hungary – Group Exhibition
2021 ACCES – Art and Cross-Cultural Exchange Society – Rennes and Vitré, France – Group exhibition
2021 The legacy of Miklós Zrínyi, Stefánia Gallery, Budapest Hungary – Group exhibition
2020 Rómer Flóris Museum of Art and History – Győr County Autumn Exhibition – Group exhibition
2020 Miskolc Gallery and MANK, Miskolc, Hungary – 'Achievement' – Group exhibition
2020 VadArt, Budapest – Group exhibition
2019 Winter Selection, Gallery ART&ME, Budapest – Group exhibition
2019 MÜÜSKA at Kare Design, Budapest – Group exhibition
2018 Charity Auction at Marriott Budapest – annual XpatLoop auction to benefit UNICEF Hungary and Young People in Need Non-Profit Org.
2018 Gallery ART&ME Budapest – ACTA EST FABULA | The Game is Over – Solo exhibition
2016 "Hommage á Malonyai Dezső", Danube Palace, Budapest – Group exhibition
2015 Interactive installation at the Hungarian Ethnography Museum w/MOON42
2010 Dr. Hepp Ferenc Elementary School, Békés – Building-painting Competition, 1st prize
1999 National Gallery, Budapest – Contemporary Hungarian Graphic Design and Typography – Group exhibition 1999 Olof Palme House, Budapest – National Biennale of Graphic Design – Group exhibition
1998 Gallery Tölgyfa, Budapest – Best Diplomas – Group exhibition
1998 Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest – “Posters” – Group exhibition
1997 National Biennale of Graphic Design, Békéscsaba – Group exhibition

Professional experience

2012-2023 – Art Director, MOON42
2010-2012 – Art Director, Graphic and UI designer, Liligo
2008-2010 – Freelance Graphic Artist
2001-2008 – Art Director, Graphic and UI designer, Mirai Interactive/Arcus Interactive Group
2000-2001 – Graphic Designer, Szemtanú
1998-1999 – Graphic Designer, DeepWorks

Formal education and courses

2014-2018 Painting technics and theory, Master: Csaba Kis Róka
2014 Mobile App UX Course Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
2012-2013 Secondary School of Visual Arts, Budapest, Adult Education
2012 Traditional Asian Watercolor Painting, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Panisa, Master: Auxchanok Chirakul
1993-1998 Bachelor and Master degree in Visual Communication and Graphic Design
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Master: János Fajó
1997 Visual Communication and Graphic Design – Espoo-Vantaa Polytechnic, Vantaa, Finland
1990-1992 Degree in Decoration Design – School of Interior Decoration, Budapest


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Ábel Kónya curator talks at Gallery Miskolc – 2020
Riport by EuroAstra – 2018
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